How to Email a College Coach

How to Email a College Coach

Contacting college coaches can be intimidating if you don’t know what to put in your emails. But, provided below are a couple of things you should always include, especially when you first contact coaches. 

One Coach at a time
  • Only email one coach in each email
  • You are legitimately interested in attending that school 
  • To know what to look for in schools when entering the recruiting process, click here. 

The Subject Line 
  • Include your name 
  • Add some personality to the subject line
    • Ex: “All State Goalkeeper John Smith” 

  • Beginning of the email
  • Name 
  • High school graduating year
  • Team (club, high school and/or ODP)
  • Position
  • Awards/Statistics
  • Academic information (GPA & Test Scores)

School Appeal
  • Research of school of contact complete
  • What you like about their athletic program
  • What you like about their academic program 

If you are just introducing yourself to the coach and expressing your interest in their program or university, your email should stop here. If you have a specific event you’re emailing the coach about, you’re not quite done.

Event Schedules 

  • The Team of which you are playing for at the event
  • Schedule of games for that specific event
  • Why they should come watch your game
    • Interested in their program
    • Wanting to expose your skill set
    • Believe you can help further their team because of...

Past Exposure 

  • Have attended a summer camp or ID camp of the school
  • Team or group name during camp
  • Your jersey number
  • Ask feedback they may have for you
  • Ask if they will be attending or hosting any other events


  • A short 3-5 minute highlight video of your skills
  • DO NOT describe your skills in the email

It is important to remember that a college coaches’ job is not only to read recruiting emails all day, and they have many other important tasks to prioritize. So it’s important to keep the main part of your email clear and concise. Leave an opportunity for coaches to learn more about you if they are interested. 

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