Can I be scouted from an ID Camp?

Attending college camps has been growing in popularity when it comes to wanting to play soccer at the collegiate level. Many camps are held and run by the college coaches and are a great way to be recognized as a young player. It gives coaches a chance to see you on a more personal level and has been a helpful way for players to improve their own game. 

Before signing up for a college ID Camp, there are some things you should know and consider. 


Being recruited to play soccer, or any sport for that matter, at the collegiate level is not an easy process. Coaches can watch 100+ players whether it be at tournaments, ID Camps, regular camps, or league games and only show interest in 30 of those players. Not to mention out of those 30 players, coaches may only sign 7-9 players every year. While ID camps are a great way to expose your skill sets to schools, they don’t secure a coaches interest in you.  

The School:

Make sure the ID camp you are wanting to compete at is worth your time. Many players have dreams of playing at the top schools, which is a great thing to strive for, but pretty unrealistic. Before signing up for ID camps and making the trip to the schools, you want to do a little research beforehand. Here are some questions to consider when researching schools you might want to be recruited to:

  1. Is the school a good academic fit for you? Do they have a program of which you might want to study? This problem happens all too often where players are recruited to schools and forced to take on a field of study of which they probably never thought they would. 
  2. How far is the school? A lot of incoming students are wanting to stray away from their home-towns and find a place as far away from their parents as possible. This choice can be great for some, but being a college athlete is not easy, and not seeing your parents, friends or family often can have an affect on your performance in the classroom and on the field.
  3. Facilities - Although this might not concern everyone, it is still important to think about when looking into schools, especially if you are going far and spending money on that travel. Research what the schools athletic facilities, classrooms, and entire territory is like. Being in a new environment can take a toll, so knowing you would be comfortable while possibly being a student-athlete is vital. 


Whether or not a college ID camp is one of the only opportunities for a coach to see you play, then you should sign up! A lot of talent can go unnoticed if chances to showcase skill sets are not available. This is why coaches host ID camps, so they know who is interested in them, observe players in a more direct environment, and to see who stands out. Not to mention that most ID camps have other colleges and university coaches scouting for potential recruits. ID camps are a great opportunity to not only showcase yourself to one but many schools at once. 

Overall, you can get recruited from college ID camps. The chances might be low, but it is important to understand that certain coaches might like certain players. Showing what you can bring to the game at camps gives you a better chance of coaches expressing interest, but don’t forget to consider the above before signing up and competing at one.

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