Oh hey Shohei

Firewood Team | 08-29-2023

The MLB rumor mill is abuzz with the idea that real-life tall tale and all around baseball phenom Shohei Ohtani may be moved to closer - in an effort for his future club to preserve his arm while still getting value out of his prodigious pitching ability.

The downside tied to this rumor is - it means that this 2nd UCL tear potentially means the end of Shohei as starting pitcher. The upside is - should Shohei relocate to a good team or should the Angels finally put the pieces together around him, we would have the opportunity to see something truly unprecedented.

Imagine if Mariano Rivera closed out a division race, while clubbing 50 bombs down the stretch. Or if Juan Soto hit a go-ahead home run and then came out and shut the door in the 9th inning of a playoff game. Those scenarios are realistically all very much real and in play for Shohei.

A while back, Shohei Ohtani ceased doing a Babe Ruth impression and started doing something entirely his own - a baseball singularity too ridiculous to fathom.

While we can mourn losing Shohei as a SP - the silver lining is that every Ohtani involved MLB playoff game could have the electricity of the last AB of the World Baseball Classic.

We should be so lucky.

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