Miami Messi

Firewood Team | 06-26-2023

  1. Messi has done what superstars are wan to do and has decided to take his talents to South Beach. Inter Miami is signing 5-7 more players to accompany him depending on who you talk to. Inter Miami has subsequently sold out almost all of their home and away games post-Messi deal announcement - immediately putting money into the pockets of MLS owners. MLS franchise valuations were already climbing like crazy... now they've added the world's most dynamic player - and seem headed to the stratosphere. 

  2. The Messi deal is fascinating for a number of reasons: 

  3. 1) For one, unlike the PGA (LIV and let live) and Cristiano Reynaldo, he spurned an estimated $500m from Saudi Arabia (he will keep that $25m for a few insta posts though, thank you very much.)

  4. 2) the rumor is that he has a profit sharing % of Apple and the MLS's 2.5B deal and a path to MLS ownership

  5. 3) he just recorded 20 goals and 20 assists and in tournament play is still a top 5 player in the world... and he has just tied himself to American soccer for the long haul. Who knows who will follow.

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